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Glamping: Part II

Best spots to glamp in Cali

Now I've shared my love of glamping (glamorous camping) before, and still find it as cathartic as ever. Taking big European trips or Caribbean cruises are truly amazing, but they cost a pretty penny and it's a lot of time to take off from work. To keep myself sane in this crazy world full of work and parenting stressors, we take frequent trips in our trailer to fun destinations for long weekends.

Since I last shared my favorite Cali glamping spots, I've discovered a few more!

  • Flying Flags Avila Beach: This RV resort instantly won me over, not necessarily because of the resort itself, but rather because of the location. It's just dreamy. Sprawling ocean views from every site. Walking distance to Port San Luis Pier to watch the sea lions play or eat a yummy lunch at Mersea's. Only a mile(ish) to the quaint downtown area where we relaxed on the sand, shopped, dined and fit in a few wine tastings. For our 3-year-old, we collected seashells and took him to an impressive little aquarium, which has a park right next door. It's also just a short drive to San Luis Obispo where my son loved the kids' museum there and played in a fun arcade after we gobbled down some amazing BBQ grub at Firestone Grill. Only downside is there is a 4-night minimum stay, which isn't always feasible for people. Highly recommend!

  • Bonelli Bluffs: Discovering this RV resort felt like finding a hidden gem. Nestled in the San Dimas mountains, this lakeside glamping spot is a must. It's more affordable than most RV sites since it's a county park. With multiple playgrounds for the littles, fishing and sunbathing for the bigs, it's a nice relaxing retreat. It's also very close to the Pomona Fairplex, which is always hosting some fun event, including the LA County Fair, which my family loves going to every year.

We've visited Ventura Beach RV Resort a few times this summer, which is now back open! (It had flooded from extreme rain, but is back in business and good as new.) It has a chill vibe and is within walking distance to the beach. While there, we made friends with a nice couple who recommended we visit Campland on the Bay in San Diego, which looks amazing - a must visit in our future for sure.

That's it for now, more recommendations coming as we venture out and discover more fun spots up and down the Cali coast. Happy glamping!


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