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Reformed Man-hater

Wifey & Boy Mama

I’m surrounded by men. My husband, my stepson, my son, even my two dogs are male. So much testosterone in my house and such a far cry from my man-hating days, which seem not too far in the past.

Cheated on by my first love? Check.

Robbed at gunpoint by four men? Check.

Sexually harassed at work? Check.

Grabbed by the pussy by a so-called “friend”? Check.

I can go on, but that seems like enough examples for now. Best believe I would cruise around town listening to my man-hating mix of songs that yes, I burned on a CD.

When I met Damon, the love of my life, I was closed off. He really had to work hard to break down the brick walls I had built. Thank God he did. I walked down that aisle without a doubt in my mind. And thank God I did.

So here we were, living in a man-centric world with me now loving and trusting one man, and one man only. We got pregnant in 2018 and I couldn’t wait to find out the sex, which was obviously going to be a girl. The girl I’ve always wanted. A girl with green eyes and curly hair like me. A girl I can have a close relationship with forever. And then the phone rang.

My OB’s office called to tell me the baby was healthy and developing well. As I breathed a sigh of relief, she asked “Do you want to know the sex?” “Yes,” I eagerly answered. “Congratulations, you’re having a boy.”

What?!? How can this be? A boy? A boy who will grow into a man, like all the other men I despise? This can’t be happening. I tried to hide my disappointment as you’re supposed to be happy with any gender.

Fast forward to today. I wouldn’t trade 100 girls for my perfect baby boy! The boy who stole my heart. The boy who gives me random hugs and kisses all day long. The boy who makes me laugh. The boy who is pure sunshine for my soul.

So, to all those expecting mamas out there, you get what you get and it’s amazing either way.

And to all the boy mamas, let’s raise this next generation of men to be kind, honest and respectful of women. I’m sure as hell am going to try.


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