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Ode to my little boy

Little boy, you have officially stolen my heart.

Seems impossible that I didn’t love you right from the start.

You were a stranger, so needy and small.

Now you are the one I love most of all.

How did this happen?

What did you do?

With your kisses and hugs and silliness too.

My heart has grown, and priorities have shifted.

The dark clouds above me have finally lifted.

Little boy, your innocence and love are so pure and untainted.

I just regret it took so long for our souls to get acquainted.

You’re growing so fast, and I love every stage.

But my heart is not ready to turn the next page.

I'm dreading the day you're too big to hold.

And the day your independence grows tenfold.

Until then, please put your little hand in mine.

We’ll set off on adventures and how I’ll savor this time.

Little boy, you’ll always be my baby even when you’re all grown.

Just know that I love you - you're forever my heart's home.


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