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Year of Growth

Don't wish time away - take steps to make positive changes in your life now.

I haven't posted in a while since 2023 has been quite busy and challenging thus far. But out of chaos comes opportunities for positive change, which is exactly what I'm working towards. When people are experiencing hardships, I often times hear "I can't wait for this year to be over." Is ringing in a new year really going to fix things? Instead of wishing time away, I'm taking steps to heal and grow so that THIS year can be one filled with happy moments, successes and good health.

2023 so far could have easily sent me into a downward spiral, turning me into a pity party of one. I initially tried to cope by booking more glamping trips, which are always a good time, but clearly not the answer. I've learned you can't run away from your problems; those assholes will just follow you wherever you go. Now, I'm tackling each issue at a time to regain control of my happiness and find the sunshine through the rain.

  • I've lost a few close friends, something that was incredibly difficult to go through in the moment, but in retrospect, it was the right decision and I have made peace with it. In fact, it's made me more open to meeting and getting to know new people. It's not always easy making friends as an adult, but as a social extrovert, it's been worth the effort.

  • My chronic stomach issue came raging back, something that makes every day harder to get through, especially when parenting littles. I've taken the dreaded GI test yet again to prove I'm positive so I can receive the necessary treatment to feel 'normal' again.

  • My hip is in pain daily, thanks to my cartilage being torn during a hike in Alaska last year, causing me to not be as active as I once was or would like to be. Being a surgery-virgin, the notion of going under the knife is terrifying to me, but being in pain forever is even worse. So, I'll reluctantly be going to the hip-mechanic next month.

  • My sweet baby boy turned 4 and has become a quite the dictator. When kids start smiling when they're naughty, you know you're in trouble. I'm in the midst of trying different tactics to help him regulate his emotions and become a better listener so he can grow emotionally, and I can keep my sanity.

  • I'm swimming in debt thanks to fun trips and spoiling my kiddos (something I wouldn't take back), so am now being more cautious with my vacation spending and hitting Amazon's "place your order" button.

  • Working in health care, my job has been in a constant state of change since the COVID-19 pandemic started. Change for better is welcomed. Change due to industry and organizational turmoil is hard. In collaboration with my team, we're trying to incite departmental and process changes to improve our working conditions.

I'm sure I can go on, but you get the gist. Everyone experiences life challenges and it's how we handle them that helps us grow. I'm inspired by my bestie, who suffers from multiple autoimmune diseases. She has felt awful every day for years, chugging her beloved iced coffees to make it through each day. As an overwhelmed working mama, she hit rock bottom. Instead of giving up, she found the determination she needed to change her current state. Now on an extremely strict diet, her autoimmune symptoms have disappeared, and she has more energy than ever before (not to mention she is losing weight and looking fabulous). Is it easy? Absolutely not. The amount of willpower she exercises is amazing and has proven to be quite effective.

We can all achieve happier, healthier lives if we're willing to put in the work. So instead of wishing time away, try to find the spark inside you to make changes today for a brighter tomorrow.


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